Service Contractors & Vendors

This guidance is being provided to the Harvard community to help answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to EH&S requirements and best practices for service contractors that are working on-site, and to assist each school/unit to communicate and ensure adherence to relevant Harvard University COVID-19 safety protocols.

Hiring managers should familiarize themselves with Harvard University expectations for EH&S compliance and COVID-19 requirements and communicate these expectations to their service contractors by utilizing the following documents prior to starting work on-site:

  • COVID-19 Service Contractor Checklist describes current COVID-19-specific requirements for service contractors and vendors working on-site.

  • Service Contractor Safety Guide describes general Harvard University EH&S compliance and safety expectations for service contractors on campus and is referenced either explicitly or implicitly in Harvard University's contracting templates.

Please note that construction or renovation projects may have separate requirements. Visit COVID-19 Construction Support for more information on policies and procedures for construction projects.



Audience: Building/Laboratory/Vendor Managers

CD Number: CD087B

List of vendors that can perform enhanced COVID-19 cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions: Staff Hiring Vendors/Staff Managing Service Contractors

Please share the following answers with affected personnel and contractors, and email additional questions to Kat Kaminski at

How do I ensure service contractors meet EH&S/COVID-19 standards while providing services on campus for prolonged periods?

Follow the COVID-19 best practices listed to communicate expectations by sharing the Service Contractor Safety Guide and the COVID-19 Service Contractor Checklist with your service contractor.

'Embedded vendors' who are routinely on-campus should also be set up with a Harvard University Identification card (HUID) and comply with Harvard's COVID-19 viral testing requirements if they will be on-site routinely.

See Should service contractors/vendors be included in the viral testing program?

Who is responsible for ensuring that service contractors coming on campus implement COVID-19 safety practices?

Any person (school/unit) bringing and/or scheduling on-site work with a service contractor is responsible for overseeing the contractor's work while on campus, including:

  • Communicating Harvard University EH&s and COVID-19 guidance and expectations to that service contractor.
  • Overseeing the service contractor's work to ensure their compliance with Harvard University policies.

Service contractors are responsible for the safety of their staff; the means and methods of service delivery or work execution and for ensuring they maintain compliance with any applicable regulations.

What if a service contractor that was working on-site tested positive for COVID-19?

If the contractor is actively on site, they should be instructed to immediately leave the workplace.

If a contractor is presumed or confirmed positive for COVID-19, the service contractors should identify and notify potential close-contacts as soon as possible and follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and healthcare provider instructions for isolation.

Are service contactors working on campus required to be vaccinated?

Schools/units typically deem those embedded vendors (e.g., Securitas) with an HUID and a regular on campus presence as a community member expected to comply with Harvard's vaccination requirement.

Exceptions will be provided for medical or religious reasons.

Visit Verify Your Vaccination for information on how to securely notify Harvard University Health Services (HUHS) of your vaccination status.

Note that unvaccinated individuals may be subject to additional public health measures above and beyond what is required of vaccinated individuals (e.g., face covering, COVID-19 testing).

Are there access restrictions for services contractors due to COVID-19?

Refer to Harvard University On Campus Activity Guidance for more information.

What are “embedded vendors”?

“Embedded vendors” are those service contractors who support Harvard University on a routine basis, have an HUID, and assign one or more of their staff members to campus for an extended period of time.

Embedded vendors are usually on campus with a frequency similar to Harvard University staff and often interact with the Harvard University community.

Examples of embedded vendors are on-campus employees of Securitas, CW, and JLL.

Crimson Clear/Viral Testing

Are service contractors required to complete the Crimson Clear online form daily before coming on-campus?

Crimson Clear is no longer required in most cases. However, all personnel coming on a Harvard University campus, including service contractors and vendors, must continue to monitor their health.

If they have any undiagnosed COVID-19 symptoms they must stay home.

What if a service contractor develops symptoms while on campus?

The person should go home immediately and consult with their primary care physician for guidance if needed.

For more information see What if a service contractor that was working on-site tested positive for COVID-19?

Should service contractors/vendors be included in the viral testing program?

Harvard University faculty, staff, and students as well as embedded vendors with a routine on-campus presence will continue to be required to complete periodic COVID-19 tests for the foreseeable future.

Consult your testing coordinator and/or HUHS for verification and assistance with both:

  • Determining if the vendor should be included in the testing schedule.
  • Getting the vendor set up correctly in the system.

What qualifies as a “routine on campus presence” when determining if a vendor should be part of the COVID-19 testing program?

Schools and business units should work with HUHS and their testing coordinator to determine if a vendor is routinely on campus enough to warrant inclusion in the testing program.

Do delivery personnel, including those who enter a building to deliver equipment, need to be in the viral testing program?

Delivery personnel who have limited interaction with the Harvard University community do not usually need to be part of the COVID-19 testing program. This need should be determined on a school-by-school basis.

Any person entering a Harvard University building should comply with the requirements posted on or near the exterior entrances to each building.

Contract Management and Procurement

Should service contractor contracts be amended to require that they comply with these requirements?

Most contracts already require that service contractors comply with Harvard University procedures.

Send the Service Contractor Safety Guide to your service contractors so that they are aware of campus safety and compliance expectations.

Contact your local procurement manager or Strategic Procurement for additional assistance.

How do I view a copy of my service contractor’s contract?

If the contract is managed locally, you should contact the procurement group for your school or department.

Harvard University-wide contracts managed by Strategic Procurement are available in Buy-to-Pay (B2P).

Contact Strategic Procurement if you do not have a procurement department and are looking for additional assistance.