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Candle fires are the fourth leading cause of campus fires behind cooking, arson and smoking. The U.S. Fire Administration reports that 20 percent of university housing fires in bedrooms are started by candles. Despite the fact that candles are now banned at most colleges, candles remain a key ignition source for campus fires. More than half of all candle fires occur when a combustible material is too close to the candle, with the most common materials being bedding and curtains. Falling asleep was a factor in a quarter of candle fire fatalities — extinguish all candles before going to sleep.

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March 2017
Results from Environmental Health & Safety's 2016 Customer Service Feedback Survey are in. We appreciate hearing from you and continue to welcome your feedback.
November 2016
We are pleased to present the FY16 Annual Report for Harvard University's Department of Environmental Health...
October 2016
Each year, numerous planned and unannounced regulatory agency inspections occur across the University. The EH...

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