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Disposal of animal carcasses are managed using a separate waste stream from solid biological waste.  Animal carcasses are either returned to the animal facility or are disposed of using cardboard “burn” boxes supplied by our biological waste vendor, Stericycle.  These boxes are labeled with stickers that indicate “Incinerate Only”.  Contact your local Biosafety Officer for more information or questions regarding the disposal of animal carcasses.

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May 2016
The Harvard Training Portal will enable you to access and track all of your Harvard professional learning in one single place. Why a new training system? Improve ease of use and accessibility: intuitive browsing and course registration. Increase...
May 2016
Harvard EH&S currently offers quarterly CPR/AED classes. It is a great opportunity for the Harvard community to get certified in CPR/AED through the American Heart Association (AHA), network with others across the University and learn...
May 2016
Review of a recent incident in a laboratory involving hazardous chemical reaction. Please see the document below for details. Environmental Health & Safety is staffed with specialists in lab, radiation, and biological safety to answer any...

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