EH&S focuses on providing resources and expertise regarding the assessment and control of biological hazards including recombinant and synthetic DNA, infectious agents, and human materials. Our biosafety services include: biosafety and bloodborne pathogen program development and implementation, training, emergency response, assisting Principal Investigators (PIs) to register their biological projects, containment facility design review, and guidance on safe handling of biological agents, proper biological waste disposal, and decontamination procedures.

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Are you looking to move or dispose of a biosafety cabinet?  The relocation or disposal of a biosafety cabinet requires proper decontamination.  Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) ensures decontamination of all interior surfaces including the HEPA filters in the biosafety cabinet.  Contact your local Biosafety Officer for more information on the VHP decontamination process.

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Disposal of animal carcasses are managed using a separate waste stream from solid biological waste.  Animal carcasses are either returned to the animal facility or are disposed of using cardboard “burn” boxes supplied by our biological waste vendor, Stericycle.  These boxes are labeled with stickers that indicate “Incinerate Only”.  Contact your local Biosafety Officer for more information or questions regarding the disposal of animal carcasses.