Lab Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Lab Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The University Provost and Executive Vice President issued a Laboratory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Policy in December 2011. The use of appropriate PPE in the University’s research, teaching and conservation laboratories minimizes the risk of injury and illness, and meets all regulatory requirements. To accomplish this goal, the Principal Investigator or his/her designee must ensure that PPE needs are regularly assessed, that all required PPE is readily available to researchers, and that all PPE is properly used in the laboratory. EH&S continues to assist the Schools and laboratory personnel with the implementation of the policy.

Department Contact


Chiu-Oan Ngooi
Senior Lab Safety Program Officer

Did You Know?

Shutting the sash of chemical fume hoods that are not in use both promotes safety by containing the impact of any over-pressurization or splashing of chemicals and saves energy in the case of modern variable air volume hoods.