General Lab Safety

General Lab Safety

EH&S promotes safe work practices in laboratories that cross multiple regulatory frameworks, departments and functional areas. This diverse subject matter includes the design and setup of laboratories, orientation of new personnel, inventory management, personal protective equipment, multi-media/multi-program inspections, waste management, various EH&S trainings and shipping/transporting research materials.

Department Contact


Chiu-Oan Ngooi
Senior Lab Safety Program Officer

Department Update

EH&S has posted a new online training course for those who voluntarily use N95 filtering face pieces ("masks"). This training includes instruction on safe practices and regulatory precautionary information. Log into our Training Management System to access this training.

Did You Know?

Each laboratory should have an Emergency Response Guide flipchart customized with site-specific emergency information (such as location of spill kits and supplies, evacuation assembly area, name of Lab Safety Coordinator/Officer). Contact your EH&S Lab Safety Advisor or if you need more flipcharts.