Fire Safety

Fire Safety

The prevention of fire in a Harvard building or facility requires the vigilance and care of all building occupants, Building and Facilities Management, Trades personnel, and Contractors.  A critical component is to educate and heighten the awareness of students, staff, and facility managers about the importance of day-to-day fire safety and fire prevention measures.

Department Contact

Sean Reagan
Director of Operations & Compliance Support Services

Department Update

EH&S has developed a simple life safety checklist and reference guide to aid building managers. Steps we can take to help eliminate workplace fires include: don't leave cooking food unattended; cook in authorized areas only; remove damaged electrical cords; outlets, cable, etc.; don't over load outlets/circuits; and monitor combustible objects in unsecured locations.

Did You Know?

Good housekeeping, pre-planning and an effective hot work program can prevent a fire in abuilding under construction. The leading causes of fires in buildings under construction are incendiary or suspicious (39.5%); open flame, embers or torches (20.8%); and heating equipment (9.7%).