COVID-19 Training

Visit the following page for more information about EH&S COVID-19 training:

Harvard Training Portal

The Harvard Training Portal (HTP) tracks all of your Harvard professional learning in one place. You can monitor your training assignments, take web-based trainings, and register for classroom trainings.

Managers and designated authorized users can assign and track team training.

EH&S offers over one hundred courses through HTP, over half of which are available to take online at your own convenience.

If you have questions about EH&S training in the HTP, please email

Harvard Training Portal
Harvard Training Portal
Use your HarvardKey to login to the Harvard Training Portal

For help with the training portal please contact
PeopleSoft Lab Roster Management Application

Roster Managers can view and update both rosters and lab-wide training assignments via PeopleSoft
HTP: Managing Laboratory Rosters in PeopleSoft
HTP: PeopleSoft Laboratory Roster Frequently Asked Questions

For help with roster management please contact
Frequently Asked Questions
HTP: HarvardKey Setup Instructions