Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning

The Business Continuity program is a university-wide planning and preparedness effort intended to ensure that Harvard University maintains its essential operations during and following disruptive incidents. All Harvard schools and Central Administration units are currently engaged in local-level business continuity planning, with hundreds of business continuity assessments completed in the Fusion online planning tool.

Business Continuity Planning Workgroups Chart

University-wide business continuity planning is occurring in parallel with school/department planning and is structured around the common planning areas seen across most school and department plans. A Business Continuity Steering Committee and five function-specific Business Continuity Workgroups have been created to lead the university-wide planning effort - Payroll & Benefits, Information Technology, Physical Resources, Security, and Student/Health Services.

As the University continues to develop an ever stronger culture of resiliency, business continuity planning will continue as well. Annual reviews and updates of school, departmental and university-wide business continuity plans will be conducted, as will other preparedness activities such as annual risk assessments, trainings and emergency drills/exercises.

For more information and resources, visit the Business Continuity program or contact Brian Mazmanian ( or 617-495-2062) or Jordan Higgs ( or 617-495-1823).