Accident, Injury & Illness Reporting

Accident, Injury & Illness Reporting

Accident, Injury & Illness Reporting

Immediately call 911 for emergency medical assistance if you need urgent medical care for a workplace injury or illness.

Harvard personnel must immediately report all workplace accidents (or near misses), injuries, and illnesses to their supervisors or managers.

Call the Operations Center (617-495-5560) immediately if you need an ambulance or inpatient hospitalization.

Supervisors and managers are responsible for completing an incident (claim) report within twenty-four hours of the incident using either of these methods:

  1. Calling the PMA Companies Customer Service Report Hotline (1-888-476-2669), available twenty-four hours per day/seven days a week).

    Be prepared to answer basic who/what/where/when questions about the incident (see Telephone Reporting Script).

  2. Completing an online report by selecting “Report a claim online” and using the this login information:
Reporting Accidents/Injuries for  Employees: Reporting Accidents/Injuries for Non-Employees (students, temporary workers, volunteers, etc.)
User Name: 0790121 User Name: 0931550
Password: newclaim Password: newclaim

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Did You Know?

Make sure all machine safe guards are in place at all times so that moving parts are not a danger to you and other workers nearby. If machine safety guards are removed due to maintenance ensure that Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) protocols are closely followed.