Accident Reporting & Investigation

Accident Reporting & Investigation

If urgent medical care is needed for a workplace injury or illness, immediately dial 911 for emergency medical assistance.

If the incident involves an inpatient hospitalization, amputation, loss of an eye or fatality, immediately notify Environmental Health and Safety, 24 hours a day, through the Operations Center at 617-495-5560.

When a workplace accident (or near miss) occurs, employees must report them to their Manager/Supervisor immediately. Managers and Supervisors are responsible for completing an incident report within 24 hours of the occurrence. The incident report may be completed in one of two ways.

  • Online through the University’s third party claims manager:
    • Instructions for completing the online form are available in the Documents section below.
    • Use the following User Names and Passwords to complete the report:
    For Employees For Non-Employees
    User Name: 0790121 User Name: 0931550
    Password: newclaim Password: newclaim

  • Or, by calling: 1-888-476-2669. An Intake Representative will complete the reporting process by asking a number of questions about the incident.
  • Department Contact

    Christopher Rowell
    Associate Director of Occupational Safety

    Did You Know?

    Make sure all machine safe guards are in place at all times so that moving parts are not a danger to you and other workers nearby. If machine safety guards are removed due to maintenance ensure that LOTO protocols are closely followed.