Lab Safety Guidelines & SOPs

Lab Safety Guidelines & SOPs

Lab safety guidelines includes key highlights extracted from safety data sheets (SDS), supplemented with Harvard University-specific storage, disposal, and emergency response information.

These guidelines provide supplemental information for use with lab protocols, new hire review information, new process implementation, and various situations in which a lab group would use the chemical listed in the guideline.

The guidelines do not substitute for standard operating procedures (SOP) or written lab experimental protocols that incorporate safety equipment or precautions, especially for particularly hazardous substances such as highly acutely toxic substances, human carcinogens, or human reproductive toxins.

If you have any questions about the guidelines or would like to discuss your specific lab experimental processes or setups, please reach out to your EH&S Laboratory Safety Advisor (LSA).


Department Contact


Chiu Oan Ngooi
Senior Lab Safety Program Officer