New Training: Construction EH&S Requirements

New Training: Construction EH&S Requirements

EH&S is excited to announce the launch of a new training developed specifically for project managers and building or facility managers that oversee capital projects at Harvard.

The Construction EH&S Requirements Training: Utilizing Resources, Recognizing Impacts, and Understanding Your Responsibilities and the Role of EH&S training is an e-learning course currently available in the EH&S Training Management System (TMS). The training follows the stages outlined in the project delivery guidelines developed by the UCMC, from planning through feasibility, design, construction, turnover and closeout. It highlights important environmental and safety considerations during each stage that could impact a project if not identified and addressed. It also provides an overview of the important programs, requirements, and resources maintained by EH&S that can help guide you as you prepare for an upcoming project.

Some of the topics covered in the training include use of the Environmental Issues Questionnaire and EH&S Construction Checklist in order to identify important EH&S considerations; permitting and notification through regulatory agencies; soils management and disposal; identification of hazardous materials, proper handling, removal, and disposal; use of the Contractor Safety Assessment Program for evaluation of contractor safety performance and monthly reporting; implementation of the Substance Abuse Prevention Program; and the importance of identifying and planning for high hazard construction activities.

If you manage capital projects at the university you will be added to a training roster and assigned the training. Login to TMS to complete the training and contact with any questions or feedback.

We look forward to hearing from you and continuing to support construction and renovation activities across the University!