Local Laboratory Safety Committees

Local Lab Safety Committees

Lab Safety Advisors

Each research lab is assigned a Lab Safety Advisor (LSA).

LSA responsibilities include:

  • Advising Lab Safety Officers (LSO) to ensure that lab staff work safely in research and teaching labs.
  • Facilitating safety committee meetings with LSOs to discuss safety concerns, recent incidents, and best practices.
  • Helping with safety-related issues.

Lab Safety Officers

Principal Investigators (PI) appoint LSOs.

As an LSO, you are a part of your lab's quality team. You improve lab safety culture and prevent incidents and injuries through education, training, and coaching.

As an LSO, you must:

  • Attend all lab safety committee meetings, or delegate a representative if you are unavailable.
  • Be a liaison between the safety committee and your lab.

New LSO Orientation

New LSOs should review these resources and contact their LSA for orientation and an invitation to the next lab safety committee.

Contact your LSA for a printable orientation packet.

Inspection Frequency

Inspection Type Frequency
Peer Inspection (if applicable) Annually
EH&S Inspection Annually
EH&S Biosafety Inspection (COMS-registered labs) Annually (may coincide with EH&S inspection)
Laser Equipment Certification Every two years
Fume Hood/Biosafety Cabinet Certification Annually
Eye Wash Station Inspection Weekly
Emergency Shower Inspection Annually

Assessment & Inspection Management System

Conduct lab personal protective equipment (PPE) assessments annually or when lab work changes.

Login to AIMS to learn about conducting lab PPE assessments and managing corrective actions.

LabPoint Door Placards & Inventory

Update door placards annually or when lab work or contact information changes.

Waste Disposal

Satellite Accumulation Areas (SAA)

SAA Inspection Type Frequency
Hazardous Waste Safety Officer SAA Inspection Weekly
Hazardous Waste EH&S Quarterly SAA Inspection Quarterly
Hazardous Waste EH&S 98% SAA Inspection Monthly


Refresh training annually or when the lab work changes.

Training Requirement Course Refresher Course/Frequency Refresher Frequency
Chemicals Lab Safety (LAB100) LAB200 Annually
Biological Materials Biosafety (LAB103) LAB203 Annually
Radioactive Materials Radiation (RPO101) RPO201 Every two years
Lasers/New Laser Instruments Laser Safety (RPO102/RP0104-1) RPO202 Every two years

Update lab rosters when a new researcher arrives or when a researcher leaves the lab.