Environmental Project Support

Environmental Project Support

EH&S helps project managers and architects understand environmental issues that may affect projects. We help incorporate these issues into planning and design to limit cost and schedule impacts.

Our tools and resources include air emission sources, geothermal wells, groundwater management, hazardous materials management (PCBs, lead paint, and asbestos), soil management, stormwater management, and tank management (removal and installation).

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Department Update

EH&S has updated the soil disposal facility list to include a Group 1 Facility AINER Saugus Quarry, and a Group II Facility Sunny Farms in OH, that can take waste by rail. The updated list can be found in Summary of Soil Management Facilities

Did You Know?

ALL projects that could potentially generate dust, regardless of the presence or absence of asbestos, MUST file a Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) Permit AQ-06 at least 10 days prior to the start of disturbance. If the project needs an emergency waiver for unexpected asbestos, MassDEP will ask for the AQ-06 permit number.