EH&S Qualified Vendors

Master Services Agreements for EH&S Providers

The EH&S Qualified Vendor (EQV) program is designed for service providers and contractors.

EH&S worked with school procurement departments to establish university-wide Master Services Agreement (MSA) contracts for vendors who provide EH&S-related services to multiple university entities. This saves time and money for vendors and Harvard purchasers and reduces confusion from multiple and conflicting terms and pricing.

EQV EH&S services:

  • Asbestos abatement, disposal, sampling, and monitoring.
  • EH&S consulting.
  • Licensed Site Professionals (LSP).
  • Regulated waste disposal.
  • Sampling and analytical services.
  • Wastewater compliance.

EH&S resources:

Procurement and Purchasing

Harvard purchasing functions are very decentralized. Individual faculty and staff across Harvard determine business needs, place orders, establish contracts, and authorize payments.

The Office of Strategic Procurement facilitates central efforts to streamline purchasing and leverage buying power.

EH&S Vendor Qualification

Vendors must submit qualifications which may include, compliance history, accident rates or Experience Modification Rate (EMR), preferred pricing, insurance rates, corporate governance, and other information depending on their services.

Vendors generally need a Harvard sponsor, a successful work history at Harvard, or a specialty service to be considered. Procurement works with prospective vendors and collaborates with EH&S and other affected parties to assess service area needs.

Once qualified, vendors work with procurement and EH&S to establish a MSA. Unless otherwise specified, this MSA replaces contracts for similar services established with other schools.