Food Services Training

Food Services Training

Access the “HUDS Talks Safety” trainings here.
Monthly staff trainings cover Pest Control, Occupational Safety and Food Safety topics, and are longer in length, providing more in-depth coverage of topics. These trainings are presented using Powerpoint with voice narration. Speaker notes are also provided for the narration.
Pre-meal trainings are designed to educate staff by providing information and reinforcing key concepts for Food Safety and Occupational Safety topics, and the information can be conveyed in approximately three minutes. Multiple information delivery methods are provided for each training.
The “Student Grille Safety Plan” is a tool to assist student grille managers across the university with templates and guidance documents to help communicate important safety information about the potential hazards and recommended safe work practices for appliances/equipment in each kitchen operation.
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The food safety records section includes food safety logs to monitor and verify compliance and employee illness policy documentation including information on restricting and excluding ill employees.

Department Contact

Valerie Nelson
Associate Director of Environmental Public Health

Cynthia Parenteau
Senior Environmental Public Health Officer

Chantyl Gable
Senior Safety Officer