Environmental Public Health

Environmental Public Health

Environmental Public Health provides technical expertise, resources, training, and emergency response for food safety, drinking water quality, environmental control of communicable disease, pest control, and swimming pool safety at Harvard.

Our services include food service establishment inspections, staff training, food recall notifications, water quality assessments, pest control program oversight, swimming pool water and equipment audits, response to regulatory agency inspections, and coordination of mitigation efforts for the environmental control of communicable diseases.

Department Contact

Valerie Nelson
Associate Director of Environmental Public Health

EH&S Main Phone Line: 617.495.2060

Department Update

EH&S partners with FAS each year to get the student-run grilles up and running once everyone returns in the fall. EH&S provides ServSafe training, general safety training, and manager training in addition to assisting them with the permitting process.

Did You Know?

Even eggs purchased from approved sources can contain harmful bacteria that can lead to foodborne illness. Pasteurized eggs and egg products have been treated to destroy salmonella and other disease causing microorganisms.

Consider using pasteurized eggs or egg products in dishes that will not be fully cooked (e.g. over-easy eggs, soufflés, Hollandaise sauce).