Environmental Compliance

Environmental Compliance

EH&S offers technical and strategic guidance to make sure Harvard's activities are designed and operated to minimize their environmental impact.

Our services include developing programs to comply with regulatory requirements, permitting, regulatory agency interfacing, monitoring Harvard's environmental performance through inspections and audits, and eliminating or minimizing potentially harmful impacts by executing University-wide waste management contracts.

Our guidance includes air, chemical management and reporting, hazardous and solid wastes, oil and hazardous material management, stormwater, and wastewater.

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Facilities managers should get ready for the Annual Compliance Certification. Each year EH&S requests updated information on fuel fired equipment, oil storage locations, and other regulated assets to verify compliance with a number of regulatory programs across the University. The annual compliance certification is due each January.

Did You Know?

Equipment with lithium batteries (phones, laptops) must be properly evaluated and packaged before shipping. Lithium batteries have been known to cause catastrophic fires on airplanes. Contact EH&S if you need assistance shipping anything that may contain hazardous materials.