Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid

Harvard University maintains strong partnerships with public, private, and nonprofit organizations for a number of reasons including to support one another during emergencies. Emergency mutual aid between Harvard and its partners can be in the form of people, expertise, equipment, supplies, or facilities. When Harvard is in need of emergency assistance, we can count on the support of our partners and vice versa.

Harvard is a signatory to the National Intercollegiate Mutual Aid Agreement (NIMAA) which is a system for providing and/or receiving emergency assistance between institutions of higher education. NIMAA is voluntary at both the institutional and individual staff levels and is only applicable to Harvard’s non-union staff. For more information on NIMAA, see the following documents.

Department Contact

Brian Mazmanian
Associate Director of Emergency Management

Did You Know?

An exercise's simulated time will often run faster than real life, so exercise participants experience many more decision-making opportunities than they would during a real emergency.