Generic Templates

Please Note: These templates are intended to allow schools/departments to create their own localized wayfinding and instructional signs.

Please remember that schools/departments should only post health-related information (i.e., symptoms of illness, fact sheets, specific information about the COVID virus and how it is transmitted, risk factors, etc.) that strictly follows the guidance from Harvard University Health Services (HUHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

If you have any questions about health-related information, please contact HUHS or visit the HUHS website.

Print Options

These documents can be self-printed, but if you need help printing, would like alternate sizes, or custom table tents, please contact at Harvard University Mail & Print Services for information and pricing. If you would like to use your own print vendor, please reference the Design Instructions and Preferred Language documents to maintain consistency.

Need Floor Stickers, Decals, Vinyl Signs, Etc.?

The Harvard University preferred print vendor DGI has been setup with our design standards. Review their DGI catalogue of offerings and contact for information and pricing.