Buildings & Facilities

Environmental Control Procedures

Environmental Control Procedures (ECP) address specific Harvard operation COVID-19 safety.

EH&S provides an overview of current ECPs available through the Return to the Workplace Planning Team or by contacting your Designated Safety Officer (DSO).

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Building/Facilities Operations, Systems, & Management Frequently Asked Questions

EH&S answers frequently asked questions (FAQs) about COVID-19 risks and safety approaches in buildings and work operations for building managers, operators, and other administrators.

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Remote Work Ergonomics

Many Harvard community members transitioned to remote work during COVID-19, and some may face challenges setting up ergonomically correct remote workstations. Our ergonomic resources and services address the needs of remote workers.

For ergonomic-related assistance, please contact your school/unit Designated Safety Officer (DSO) by completing a virtual ergonomic evaluation request.



Audience: Building & Facility Managers/FMO Custodial

CD Number: CD072A

Safe storage and use of flammable hand sanitizer in Massachusetts.


Audience: Residential Student Housing

CD Number: CD083A

Modified COVID-19 evacuation procedures, including cooking safety tips to reduce potential fire alarms.

Updated April 20, 2022

Audience: Campus-Wide

CD Number: CD048A

Learn about proper fit, use, and care of disposable and reusable cloth face coverings.


Audience: Campus-Wide

CD Number: CD015B

Helps procurement staff identify and purchase masks across Harvard, including cloth face covering fit and fabric guidance.

EH&S is revising Face Coverings/Masks/Respirators: Selection & Procurement. Please contact EH&S with questions.


Audience: HUHS/HUMS/HSDM Clinic

CD Number: CD074B

Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements for transporting COVID-19 patient samples for testing.

Updated September 7, 2021

Audience: Managers/Supervisors

CD Number: CD086B

Interim guidance for supervisors responding to a positive COVID-19 diagnosis in the workplace. The flowchart includes roles, notifications, and steps for cleaning and disinfection, communicating to staff and building tenants, and handling related absences following a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.


Audience: Building & Facility Managers

CD Number: CD046A

Reopening guidance for facility managers about water, pests, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) after prolonged facility shutdowns or reduced operations.


Audience: Departmental Administrators, Building Managers, & University Planners

CD Number: CD091B

This calculator helps building managers assess room and space ventilation, including masked occupant room use for various activities and unmasked occupant room use in spaces designated for eating and drinking. Use the calculator with Room and Space Use General Guidance: Masked Occupants.


Audience: Campus-Wide

CD Number: CD064B

Surface disinfectant safety and procurement.

An overview of regulatory requirements and guidance from federal, Massachusetts, local government, and official Harvard sources to help with COVID-19 planning. The activity-specific recommendations and public health information previously found in the matrix has moved to Harvard University Guidance for On Campus Activity.