Lab Design & Maintenance

Lab Design & Maintenance

We provide lab building system design, operation, and maintenance guidance, including:

  • Fire separations, detection, and alarms
  • Toxic gas delivery and monitoring systems
  • General and local exhaust ventilation systems
  • Emergency equipment

EH&S can review equipment supplied as part of lab infrastructure.

Lab Ventilation Management Program

The Lab Ventilation Management Program (LVMP) is a safety-driven energy-saving initiative for specific buildings in schools with research labs. EH&S closely works with researchers to understand their lab processes, develop localized ventilation solutions, and monitor for changes that could negatively impact air quality.


Did You Know?

September is National Preparedness Month. Do you know where to find the emergency procedures (with specific emergency contacts) posted in your lab and what you would do if immediate action is needed? An online version of the general Emergency Response Guide for your campus is also available through the Emergency Guidance Program.